Help Needed!

Volunteers carry out all the necessary activities of the foundation. This includes the board and council, the administration of the genealogical data bank with over 12,000 entries, the editorship of the ‚Taube’ and much more. 

So we are always looking for your help, dear cousins. The following tasks are currently available:

Setting up a photo gallery

Uwe Scherpe is currently scanning the re-discovered photos of the Sack family members of the 19th century. It is intended to put these in a photo gallery together with relevant captions.

This photo gallery will be made available to all Sack family members as a DVD or in Internet (Sack website).

They relate to the first five generations of the family foundation (up until about 1900), some 380 persons in all who are not subject to the data protection laws. From some of them there are several existing photos and from others none at all. The photo gallery will therefore be compact (finally about 500 pictures). It will have to be looked after because better photos will be added whilst older ones are removed and the captions modified and extended. Inserting this into the website will be the task of the web master or he will explain to us how we have to do it.

Would you like to look after the photo gallery? Please contact jost [at]


Travelogue translator

Warren Wundt [24/5113.12] gave me a report resulting from a multitude of letters from the emigrant Wilhelm Hübsch (1833) during my trip to Texas last year. A descendant, Hella Hübsch from Freiburg has already in 1980 transcribed the tightly and minuscule written letters, which she found in a chest with family documents, onto typewritten pages, making them more accessible.

Wilhelm is the uncle of Carl Ludwig Wundt who was married to Louise von Roeder [24/5]. The narratives are likely to have motivated the young Carl to emigrate to Texas. The narration is a contemporary record and visualizes the almost unimaginable difficulties and hardships the with which the emigrants had to cope.

It is also particularly interesting for the generations of Americans living today. Being in German, they can unfortunately no longer read it.

We are looking for an interested family member who would work on this, looking for already existing translations, making contact with the worldwide descendants and translating then into English.

Work on the first pages has already been commenced. If you are interested, please get in touch with Peter [at]