Anniversary Taube No. 226-125th Anniversary "Die Taube"

For 125 years, the Taube has been appearing as our family magazine. Covering some s 2290 pages - many of which are closely written – it has reported on the family and the issues surrounding the Foundation. For this anniversary edition we could use more contributions from you - stories of the family, what links you to the family and what memories still present themselves to you.

We like to publish also a letter of gratitude or publish advertising in the name of a sponsor. Contact us if you would like to do this. Editor Esther [at]

Youth Exchange

This is one of our topics for the future: we are a large family, scattered around the world. 2,500 family members live in the United States alone. At the reunion the topic of a youth exchange was much discussed. There are still no concrete plans for doing this as yet but it is thought that young people in the two countries could be taken care for in guest families for a while and get to know everyday life in the host country. Who would be interested in taking part in such a (youth) Exchange?

That should be pursued within each country.

A first offer:

Getting to know you week from 24th/25th June until 1st/2nd July

Uwe and Renate Scherpe offer the possibility for two youngsters (14-17 years old): Swimming, sunbathing, play, trips to Bad Doberan, Heiligendamm, Rostock, Wismar etc. and the opportunity to familiarize themselves with issues about the Foundation and genealogical data on the PC. Anybody interested? More information at Uwe [at]

Help Needed


We are looking for family members who would like to take over activities in the Foundation. For this, we have set up a new page ‘Help!’ on which we wish to put calls for help. Anyone who would like to help shape our future, is most welcome. If you have an idea what could still be implemented please get in touch with vorsitzender [at]

United States - Engelking Family Reunion - April 2011

80 People attended the regional meeting not only from Texas but there were even three participants from Germany. The Engelking cemetery has been awarded a historical marker by the Department of Culture and was thus worth the trip made by the attendees. A now elected working group will support this project in future.

Steve told about the Sack'schen Family Foundation, which was not yet known by all. Thus, 'lost' relatives have been rediscovered and have been asked to provide the necessary data.

You will find some pictures of the event at

Evidence of the successful reunion can be seen in the pictures at