About the Simon Heinrich Sack Family Foundation

The Sack Foundation is one of the oldest family foundations of its kind in the world. In fact. it is probably the oldest documented non-royal family.

It was originally founded by the Privy Councilor to Frederick the Great of Prussia in the 18th Century.

Its most famous publications are the Silver Book, which contains the data of those born into the family since its inception, and the 'Taube', one of the oldest continuously published family magazines in the world.

The family crest symbolizes a Magdal dove with the inscription:
"Help thyself that God helps thee"

This has been a hallmark behind the thinking of the family which since the beginning has endeavored to give support to its members based originally on the considerable funds willed to it by its founder.

The family today is at the forefront of genealogical research with its unique data bank of documented births, deaths and marriages of tens of thousands of persons who are now spread across the world.